New to the Home Children

Love the Child (Amor del Niño) ) is a private Christian orphanage that provides comprehensive care and developmental support for abandoned, orphaned, abused, and special needs infants in Guatemala

Love the Child has created a unique, family–like atmosphere in which to care for these precious children.

Our goal is to enable these children, through loving relationships with caring adults and with one another, to develop into healthy and complete image bearers of God who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and who will have a positive effect on their culture and their world.

Orphanage Statistics Since 2004
Orphans Rescued
Children with Family Reunification
Number of Adoptions

About 60 infants are abandoned in Guatemala every year.  We receive on the average one abandoned baby per week.  Not every infant needs adoption, but with a small amount of support, parenting classes and therapy, a mother has the opportunity to be reunited with her child.